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GATE reminder


The school gates will be open at 8.45am and the pre-school cloakroom door will also open at 8.45am to enable your child to change their shoes ready for the start of the day. The main door to pre-school will open at 8.50am at the start of the morning session. The school gates will be closed and locked at 9.00am and if you are later than this access to the pre-school will be through the main entrance.

Access to pre-school for afternoon sessions (12.20pm start) is via the school door (via the pre-school buzzer on the intercom - you will be asked to identify yourself)


  New changes to bringing in Home-made food

It is now a requirement under Health and Safety that we join the Food Standards Agency.  Sadly this means that we are no longer able to accept any home-made cakes, biscuits or any other food for the children's snack time or parties. 

However, you may bring in unopened shop bought food for your child to share with their friends eg. crackers, breads, fruit and vegetables.  We will also continue to accept shop bought birthday cakes for your child. 

If you have any comments, please speak to Margaret Riggs, our designated person for Health and Safety.  Thanks.

The Cloakroom

BLUE CLOAKROOM BAGS: Please check that your child has a complete change of clothes, including underwear, in their blue bag, in case of 'accidents' (we would also change your childs clothes if they got wet during water play), and at the end of the day indoor shoes are placed in the blue bag to keep the floor clear for cleaning.

NAMING ITEMS: Please make sure all items of clothing/spare clothing, shoes and coats are named so we have no confusions.



Sun Smart



In our pre-school we want staff and children to enjoy the sun safely.  We are currently putting together a sun protection policy.  This is based on Cancer Research UK's Sunsmart Guidelines for Nurseries and Pre-schools. (Please look at for more details)

What will we do?

On the coming weeks, we will talk to the children about looking after ourselves in the sunshine.  We will talk about why it is important to wear hats and use sunscreen.  We also have a stock of sun-hats for those that forget to bring their own.

We also consider sun protection when planning outdoor activities and we will not go out if it is too hot or if there is insufficient shade.  However, we use parasols and the awning to provide us with shade, we also make use of the large tree in the playground and the shaded outside classroom. We enjoy sitting there for snack time or story.

What can you do to help?

  • Supply your child with a wide-brimmed (or legionnaire style) hat

  • Encourage your child to wear tops that cover their shoulders (vests and strappy tops are discouraged) or ensure that they have access to one in their bag for use during outside play

  • Your child may wear their sunglasses to and from pre-school but we would discourage sunglasses during outside play

  • Use sunscreen that is factor 15+ or higher

  • It is your responsibility to apply sunscreen on your child before they attend a session.  If your child attends pre-school for the entire day we ask that you complete a consent form allowing staff to reapply sunscreen before the start of the afternoon session and supply us with your child's sunscreen, this must be clearly named.  All sunscreen will be kept in our medical cupboard.  If your child has a medical condition where it is necessary for sunscreen to be re-applied then we will be happy to help, please talk to a member of staff who will supply you with the relevant medical form.

Thank you for your co-operation and now we can all enjoy lots of lovely sunshine safely.




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