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    Committee List Sub-committee

Committee Members for Pre-school 2017 - 2018

Please feel free to get in touch with our Pre-school Committee members them should you require any assistance.

Name Job Title Designated Role
Michelle Dolan Chair / Fundraising
  • Arranges and runs Committee and Sub-committee meetings
  • Is the first point of contact for management issues
  • Liaises with staff and handles day to day staffing issues
  • Appraises staff annually
  • Ensures staff employment contracts are up-to-date and legal
  • Ensures disciplinary procedures are up-to-date and legal
  • Co-ordinates policy writing and reviews
  • Updates Pre-school's Operational Plan
Erica Smith Treasurer
  • Keeps records of all Pre-school's financial transactions
  • Keeps the Committee informed of the financial status of the group
  • Prepares an annual report for the Annual General Meeting
  • Completes the report required by the Charity Commission
  • Issues cheques for payment
  • Calculates and pays staff wages

Anna Vickery

  • Distributes agendas
  • Records minutes of all Committee meetings and distributes them to Committee members
  • Keeps records of all Committee meetings
  • Renews Pre-school membership of the PLA
  • Ensures insurance is renewed annually
  • Writes letters on behalf of Pre-school
Melanie Snook Registrar
  • Processes parent declaration forms each term
  • Holds and administers estimate and headcount forms
  • Bills parents where appropriate
  • Ensures bills owed to Pre-school are paid
  • Holds and administers increase/ decrease forms
  • Completes and returns annual census forms
Michelle Medlicott Admissions and Website Management
  • Updates, holds and distributes registration forms
  • Updates, holds and distributes the Pre-school Prospectus
  • Maintains waiting lists
  • Makes up and distributes new registers to everyone who needs them
  • Deals with parent's enquiries about starting Pre-school
  • Updates website data
Kerry Shilleto Buyer

General Committee

  • Our Constitution allows us to have up to fifteen members plus co-optees and no less than five members. 
  • We must always have a Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer to maintain our legal status.  The rest of the positions on the Committee do not have special legal responsibilities attached to them but are still vitally important to the running of the Committee and the Pre-school. 
  • The Committee views it as being extremely important that all members feel equally valued and able to contribute in meetings and in all areas of our operation.  We aim to be inclusive of everyone and to share the workload equally. 
  • If you have a particular skill or interest you would like to bring to the Committee, please feel free to discuss this openly and we will try to build it into your role. 
  • We offer relevant training to Committee members where necessary and any costs incurred doing Committee business are reimbursed as expenses.
Helen Seabourne Bookings / Social Secretary
Victoria Goldsmith Fundraising
Kirsty Robinson Fundraising
Claire Reid General
Claire Hewson General



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